On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 12:50 PM, Karen Lewellen
<klewel...@shellworld.net> wrote:
> well not exactly.
> At present wordperfect will only let you print using the parallel port,
> which is why i
> suggested this, you  mentioned you could use this.

Would DOSEMU also work? I just assume "copy blah.txt PRN" works there
(haven't tried!).   ;-)

> Additionally, the wordprefect printer drivers for dos page update in
> November 2012, does not recommend the c4680.  It does not mean that you cannot
> print using wp for dos however.  Edwin provides instructions for printing
> with wp for dos using any windows printer.

You mean this site?   http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/wpdos/

BTW, I swear my aunt found an old book (paperback) copy of
"Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS" recently. I have no idea why she buys some
of the things she does, but obviously it was (vaguely) interesting to
me, even if I only use DOS but not Wordperfect!. (In other words, if
anybody would find this book to be a useful second-hand purchase,
please contact me. I assume my aunt would offer a reasonable price,
but I'll have to nag her, if needed.)

> I might add for those who hinted that no one writes printer drivers for
> dos, he most certainly does even for printing in 64 bit environments.
> There is information for using wp in Linux there is even one for Linux
> if you have this instead.

Ah yes, now I see, it does recommend DOSEMU [+ cups-bsd ?] under
Linux. (Kinda confusing having ten bazillion pages, one for each OS,

BTW, I take minor issue with the suggestion to buy "only WinXP" and
"not update the KB that broke EMS". Windows Update will probably just
nag until you do it, or they might eventually make it mandatory (ugh).
I'd suggest EMSMagic (TSR) as workaround. Heck, even Nidud (of Doszip)
made his own temporary EMS server as a quick hack for this.

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