Op 4-1-2013 1:08, wiwa64 schreef:
> Please feel free to explore the various (in total seventeen) utilities
> in the package, which can be downloaded from here:
> http://www.bttr-software.de/products/jhoffmann/, to see whether some of
> them might possibly be useful. Further details are given in the two
> instructon files dosutils.txt and form.txt which are also part of the
> package.

Thanks for the update. I remember one of your tools being able to show 
the directory path, but not in separate pieces ( I wanted to convert 
path to Linux-style to satisfy Syslinux.cfg requirements for the 
Syslinux installer).

Preferably just the directory name, without any
- filename
- directory/directories above it
- slashes/backslashes
- colon
- driveletter

so C:\TEST\REMASTER\DOS\ would return DOS if executed from that 
directory. If going one dir up, it would return the string REMASTER
(etc..).  End result is something alike:

@echo off
set /E output=tool.exe /basename
set string=%output%
set /E output=tool.exe /basename
set string=%output%/%string%
set string=/%string%
echo Unix-path for %_CWD% is %string% (without driveletter)

Think it was the basename tool.


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