Op 8-1-2013 20:59, KOS schreef:
> should I give SYS C: at the grub prompt?

If you're able to reach DOS already, perform SYS C:
Alternatively, you'll have to search (Google should do the trick) how to 
chain from GRUB, GRUB2 or GRUB4DOS to KERNEL.SYS , skipping the entire 
bootsector thing.

If you can use your flashcard on a Windows machine, then RUFUS
[ http://rufus.akeo.ie/ ] should be able to make the storage card bootable.

> I have developed XDOS http://www.microwave.gr/giannopk/xdos.htm a
> collection of msdos 6.22 and a huge lot of applications. I have not
> written a single line of code, this is just a collection of programs
> about 2gb. I think it would be nice to share them with someone
> developing freedos so that they are included in the next distro as
> they are or just to give new ideas of what programs could be written.
> I have spent about 3 months collecting these programs and make them work ok.
> Please let me know if you are interested in seeing this stuff

I'd be interested. Assuming you can't make this available publicly 
anyway due to using MSDOS, uploading to a website isn't an option. 
However if you want, mail the entire thing to me in a compressed archive 
(renamed zipfile for example) at bbla...@gmail.com

Already been recently rewriting some distributions that use FreeDOS as 
those rely on ATAPI CD-drives while I use the ISOstick USB-device 
instead. So, it's worth looking at what people come up with before 
implementing things in a new FreeDOS distribution.


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