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On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 5:58 PM, Andrew Robins <arob...@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> You've reminded me that I have to review my FDCONFIG and AUTOEXEC more
> thoroughly - perhaps my earlier meddling in those configs solved
> problems with some games (e.g., Aladdin - see
> http://www.computing.net/answers/dos/xms-memory-to-run-dos-game/7359.html
> for the solution path I will be re-taking ) that, since upgrading to
> FreeDOS1.1 have remained problematic...

Sounds like the game doesn't work well under various Windows (no
surprise). More specific to DOS, though, is that the game may be
making bad assumptions about total available XMS and EMS. Some games
actually choke if they see too much. I don't remember offhand the
syntax, but you can choose some settings to limit that. At least, that
would be a first guess.

> P.S. I have collected HEAPS of dungeon crawlers - spotted Stone Soup
> because of the non-ASCII tiling system it uses - but I have other
> nethack derivatives (erm, EagleEye from memory?) to take its place in
> that respect... shamefully my kids don't 'dig' ascii games much, I think
> due to modern game bling-related imagination deprivation :(

I suppose you mean old Falcon's Eye, which does compile for DOS via
DJGPP, and gives 3D-ish isometric graphics for Nethack (though it's
only for older 3.3.1, IIRC) via Allegro, I think (but no sound).
Vanilla Nethack 3.4.3 has some graphics, but it's very very small
tiles (though you can switch to bigger, perhaps, not sure if I ever
tried that). SLASH 'EM has even better default gfx support via
Allegro, so you could always let them play that. Though I'm mostly a
noob at Nethack because it's so complicated, heh, so I'm not sure if
they're more patient or not.


You've probably already seen it, but maybe they'd also enjoy Boreal's
slightly improved Star Trek port, which at least isn't plain text:

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