>> I'm not quite sure whether i got your point correctly, but have you had
>> a look at FNTOOL? It's kind of a superset of tools like "dirname" and
>> "basename". E.g. "FNTOOL /B C:\TEST\REMASTER\DOS" would return just "DOS".
>> And, as often, there is more than one way to get a job done. An alternative 
>> could be like this: 
>> "cd | tr '\\' '/' | pipeset /C: = unix-path". 
>> All three utilities: "FNTOOL", "TR" and "PIPESET" are part of the DOSUTILS 
>> package.
> Looks like you're right, FNTOOL /B %_CWD% works like a charm.
> Another issue solved after all then despite flaky testing on my side a 
> while ago.

Have you also tried the other alternative?  It should do the job in a 
single  line.

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