Op 16-1-2013 6:28, kurt godel schreef:
> "fdread" from Feinman's createcd133, which flawlessly created an .img
> from a real floppy in the drive.
>     I can actually boot this machine from a bootable floppy, yet the
> fdread utility runs to a certain percentage than stops with the
> message:"disk not formatted properly."'
>     That motivated use of VFD; I didn't realize VFD could edit an
> existing .img; the how-to documentation for VFD is almost non-existant.
> I'll try Bernds suggestion.TNX.

Under Windows, WinImage is a good one. Perhaps under DOS, FreeDOS's 
DISKCOPY program would do the trick

Not sure what the fdread program is, maybe was created before DISKCOPY. 
Some RAREAD/RAWREAD program is also an option if it exists as 
counterpart for RAWRITE.

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