Hi all. My question is adressed to the users of the DOS editors. I can
be implement the linear only text selection. This scheme is used in
the many of the text editors. For example, for selection the text, you
go to the menu or the press keyboard shortcuts, and so, go to down or
up from the current line for make the selection, then again go to the
menu or press the keyboard shortcut to end selection and make action
with the selected text
(clear/copy/paste/upcase/locase/formatasparagraph/etc). This my
proposal has based on the code model of the my text editor. But
standard selection scheme is very complex - for make selection from
certain char in the current line into the certain char on the end line
of selection or select the part of the current line. Can be I use this
(linear only) model of text selection or preffer use the standard
scheme? Please say to me as voting by most voices. Thanks!

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