On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Jim Lemon <j...@bitwrit.com.au> wrote:
> On 02/09/2013 04:43 AM, Rugxulo wrote:
> Thanks for the tips. The initial problem was the GPT partition table
> which I have now found is a common one. Because FREEDOS tries to write
> an MSDOS partition table, this apparently corrupts the GPT table and
> things don't work correctly.

GPT? Are you using UEFI? Or, more importantly, are you using more than
2 TB of storage?


> I finally seem to have succeeded by:
> 1) writing an MSDOS partition table from Linux with the "parted" program
>         512MB FAT16
>         the rest ext2

Be careful about anything 512 and bigger with FAT16, it might use 16
kb clusters (bad!!). I would suggest anything smaller (510??) that
would avoid that, esp. since it's just super wasteful and annoying.

> 2) installing FREEDOS, dropping out to the command prompt and doing
> "fdisk /mbr"
> 3) installing Fedora 14 (I know it's old, I'll upgrade) and manually
> adding DOS to the boot list during installation.

F14 isn't that old, honestly, circa 2010, I think. I've still got the
.iso on my hard drive here, and all I ever did was install it
(temporarily) as a live USB (persistent changes ftw!). It was the last
before the whole GNOME 3 upgrade, I think. Though due to dumb reasons,
you will (would) have to go to RPM Fusion or whatever to install

> I am not sure that this couldn't have been done with the original
> partition table, but I am _not_ going back to find out.

Yeah, I don't blame you.   ;-)

> Now to get KDE going as the window manager in Linux
> (Why don't we have the choice any more?)

Dunno, things (GNOME, KDE, Linux kernel, GCC) just progress too
quickly, making upgrades harder to manage. There's probably a KDE spin
out there somewhere.

(quick search):


> The reason for all this is that I write DOS programs for human
> performance testing where I take over interrupts and timers in order to
> get decent response timing and you just can't do that in a DOS box.

Right, native DOS is much faster and responsive, good for low-level
timing and testing. Though I guess there are some patches for Linux
for realtime (and other more esoteric OSes, even, in embedded

Oh well, congrats and enjoy your setup.   :-)

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