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Don't forget the FAT-16 limit of 514 or was that 504 MBytes. Â Somehow this issue keeps being asked. Â Maybe we are not doing enough to explain it clearly.

There is no FAT-16 limit of 504MBytes.
There was such a limitation in the original/ealy INT13h BIOS calls, which allowed for maximal 1024 cylinders (x 16 heads x 63 sectors x 512 bytes=528482304 bytes = 504MBytes). Later BIOS version allowed for up to 4095 cylinders, which increased the addressable disk size to 2GB.

FAT16 partitions for DOS can be up to 2GB (32KB x 65524 clusters), Windows NT 4.0 could create and access FAT16 partitions of up to 4GB using 64KB clusters...

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