> I an loading usbuhci and usbdrive with LH.  They both load low.

All of the USB drivers will load themselves automatically into upper memory if 
it is available -- you do not need to (and, in fact, shouldn't) use LH.  If, 
for some reason, you want them loaded into low memory even if upper memory is 
available, you can use the /LowMemory:Yes option.

Also, USBUHCIL uses less memory than USBUHCI, so you should probably use 
USBUHCIL instead.

> They create eight drive letters, none of which show the plugged
> in device.

Eight drive letters is the default for USBDRIVE, but you can change that with 
the /Drives:# option (where # is the maximum number of drive letters you want 
to allow at the same time).  There are also the /Devices:# and /Disks:# options 
which control various aspects of how many devices you want plugged in at the 
same time.  It's kind of complicated to discuss here -- read the documentation 

> The current test device is a 1G thumb drive.  Do the drivers have
> a max size?

Not in a "generic" sense.  The maximum size depends on the hardware, BIOS, and 
specific manufacturer/version of DOS.  A 1G disk should work just fine in 

> I am using the included drivers.  I have the drivers from the
> Johnson site which have the same date stamp but are much larger.

I think the ones distributed with FreeDOS are compressed with UPX to make the 
files smaller, but should still run the same way.  The original ones on my web 
site are not compressed.

Your problem more than likely is that you have more than one USB host 
controller.  If you simply install USBUHCIL (or USBUHCI) with no options, it 
only installs for the first USB host controller (Index 0).  A UHCI host 
controller can only have two ports, so when you do this only two of the ports 
are enabled.  Which two those are physically depends on the computer (they may 
be on the front, back, left, right, or not even appear on the outside of the 
computer at all -- they may have some "internal" device plugged into them, like 
a multi-media card reader, camera, fingerprint reader, etc.).

Try plugging the thumb drive into a different USB port (which may or may not 
work, depending on your hardware configuration).  Or, use USBHOSTS to figure 
out how many UHCI controllers you have, and then try installing USBUHCIL with 
different indexes (use the /Index:# option, where # is the 0-based index 
number) until you find the correct one.

Your problem could be something else, too, but that is the most likely problem.

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