On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 2:16 AM, sakura kinomoto <like-a-m...@list.ru> wrote:
> I wish to try Dinamic Drive Overlay, which can be used by Ontrack Disk manager
> (...any fdisk's, either in BasLinux or in FreeDos can not touch hdd after 8
> gb...)
> (and floppy device is broken, so, I can not use floppy)
> So, can you tell me any hint?

Dunno, never used OnTrack.

I think installing ZipSlack (Slackware 11) atop your FAT partition
would be easier. I just blindly assume Linux 2.4.x can handle bigger
hard drives without using the BIOS. BasLinux (2.2.x) is probably way
too old. And you can run this without floppy (as long as you can boot
up DOS).


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