> I updated it so it use malloc(), it should
> load files that are as big as largest
> conventional ram avail in DOS now. No more 32K barrier...

NOT true. It will happily open a 10 MiB file (thanks God I
didn't test it with my insane 21 GiB file :-D ), but show
only 64 KiB and behave (version from yesterday) badly:


scrolling is broken, editing too ...

> I am curious why textcolor() isnt working right in dosem

Is the green really needed?

> // biosdisk(int cmd, int drive, int head, int track, int sector, int nsects, 
> void *buffer);

This is no longer useful. You need the "INT $13 Extensions" for LBA.

And of course you need a _T_H_I_C_K_ warning before writing back to the disk.

Some ideas: http://jafile.com/uploads/dos386/filedit.txt

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