On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 12:23 AM, Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> IF NOT EXIST X:\ZZZ\NUL MD X:\ZZZ should do what you want.
> For completeness (though someone correct me if I'm remembering
> incorrectly), this hack is a typical DOS idiom, but ...
> 1). It doesn't work under WinXP's CMD.EXE (etc.)

It's not *needed* under 2K/XP CMD.EXE. Its IF EXIST tests for directories, too.

> 2). DR-DOS' shell prefers "direxist"
> 3). 4DOS supports both "direxist" and "isdir"


I suppose it's *possible* to create a portable batch file that tries
to figure out what environment it's running in and does the right
thing for that environment.  I wouldn't even try.  If I need to use IF
EXIST X:\ZZZ\NUL to know if X:\ZZZ exists or must be created, it's a
special case, and I'll do the right thing for that environment.

> Timo Salmi had some good .BAT (and .CMD) FAQs back in the day. I
> should really email him to ask him for permission to mirror them (not
> sure if they are technically free/libre or not), esp. since Garbo went
> kaput. EDIT: Err, maybe not.   :-(
> http://lipas.uwasa.fi/~ts/garbo.html
> http://www.netikka.net/tsneti/info/tscmd.php
> "
> An important note to Garbo repository users: The workstation hosting
> the Garbo repository at the University of Vaasa, Finland has broken
> down during 2012. The university's Computer Centre has informed me
> that it will not be replaced. Thus all the potentially remaining
> direct references to the utilities at Garbo in this FAQ are out of
> date.

It had been hosted on his personal workstation.  He retired, and it
died.  The University had funding issues, and chose not to spend the
money to replace and continue to support the machine.

> However, tscmd.zip continues to be available, now at a private ISP
> address. You may freely download it for your own, private purposes.
> But contrary to some past Garbo exceptional arrangements, I do not
> give permissions to mirroring, that is carrying my materials for
> downloading at other locations. (I am retired, fully served, since
> September 2011. I now say routinely no to all requests.)
> "

> Well, no huge loss, as long as he still mirrors it online.

He is also still active in comp.os.msdos and elsewhere, and IIRC, his
FAQs are posted there.

Pity, though: Garbo mirrored a lot of old stuff besides Timo's
contributions.  They can be found elsewhere, but Timo's collection was
the first place a lot of folks looked.

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