Hi Karen,

> One of the 8 gazillion things that makes this dell to dos laptop  project 
> I have  been working on such an adventure is the windows hardware 
> limitations.
> in this case, a built in modem that is hardwired in the bios to respond 
> only to windows.

You probably have a "winmodem", but the "win" in this case
is not about "only windows": The modem is more like a simple
soundcard. Classic modems allowed you to send and receive
the actual data that you wanted to transfer. In winmodems,
you only get the raw sounds from and to your phone line, so
they have to be analyzed in software to get data. Software
also has to shape the "whistling" of your modem to express
the actual data that you want to send. This means that you
need more CPU work to transfer data and more complex device
drivers. On the plus side, "dumb soundcard" modems are in a
way similar to each other, so if somebody would make a DOS
driver, it can be extended to support several modems. Yet a
classic modem typically spoke a standard command language,
so you often did not even need model specific DOS drivers
for those at all, just "Hayes" or "Voice modem" command set
aware DOS software...

Regards, Eric

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