Elinks have support secure (SSL) connections:
You need to add string to autoexec.bat
SET RANDFILE=c:\command.com

or something similar
(they say that you(as another, "true way") need some .sys file, to make/create 
variable %RANDOM% for SSL, but my way is more simple)
And, Elinks hawe one bug (or feauture):
(O)ptions-Connections-Try ipv6 when connected- (e) and you need set it to 0. If 
set to 1, (by default, elinks trying to use ipv6 always) ELinks can hungs or 
quit or something strange, or not open some sites

and, some good links for you:



P. S: I am using ELinks always, and right now
P. P. S: I was typing links to ibiblio.net manually; if I make a "typo", just 
try to "google-ing" this links, for repair. If links works, skip it.
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