Hi at all,

has anyone experience about orinoco pcmcia wifi card ( 
almost the only with dos drivers) in dos?
I'd try to put it - without 
luck - in my laptops:

1) acer TM520 ( the older)
2 acer aspire 1300
acer TM 4001 ( the newer, about 2004)

- they accept the wvlancad.sys 
with  i= /b= /m=  I give, but... when I load the wvlan42.com ( packet 
driver) :

1) = turn on the light (one led only) on the card, but 
system halts
2) = accepts wvlancad.sys & wvlan42.com, but don't light, 
nothing happen
3) = accepts the wvlancad.sys but running wvlan42.com: 
"card missing or not supported"

I 'd test some mem/manager in 
dos/freedos, without luck

 Can you help me?

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