Thank you Ralf !
Based on what yoy say, I'm afraid I' have no chance !
Let me clarify the scenario.
I've got two Lenovo 15" Notebooks (Thinkpad).
The former is running Windows XP SP3 32 bit,
the other is Running Widows 7 Pro 64 bit.
On the former no problem to run my DOS application 
Without any "DOS utility". Also the "glorious"
Lotus 123 for Windows runs perfectly. All data are 
perfectly tranferred/shared among all applications.
On the other PC none of the above are running natively.
If I  activate the XP Mode, the situation is as follows:
1) The DOS Application is running, but only in an
unsizeale small window, totally useless due to the too
small characters.
2) Data can not be stored/printed on any device "shared"
by the DOS task and the other Windows 7 tasks.

If I do not find any "workable" walkaround solution to 
work all the stuff on a unique PC I'll be forced to
keep the XP PC at least for the DOS application and
use the W7 PC for all the other applications. In that
case the "file transfer" will not be a problem, but 
this is a very poor comfort !
Best regards       Giorgio

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>Ogg: Re: [Freedos-user] Running a DOS task (full screen) in a W7 PC
>At 03:36 AM 3/24/2013, wrote:
>>The best would be to have a "DOS window" running the DOS task
>>in full screen mode and be able to switch (and tranfer data) to other
>>applications commonly running in other W7 windows.
>>Please let me know if the above is possible with Free DOS and how
>>to manage the Free DOS installation to obtain it.
>>If not please suggest me the most practical way (if any !) to manage
>>a DOS task and a Windows task without rebooting any time.
>Well, that is more an issue of using Windows 7, specially when using 
>the 64bit version, which doesn't allow direct execution of old 16bit 
>software to begin with, regardless of full screen or not.
>The best option is to run FreeDOS as an instance in VirtualBox, a 
>virtual machine that you can download for free from Oracle 
>( But you won't have (easy) access to 
>any of our Windows 7 drives nor easy printing from your DOS 
>application to anything connected to Windows host PC.
>Also haven't bothered myself with a fullscreen mode with that one 
>yet, would be much too big for me on todays large (and wide screen) 
>flat screen monitors...

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