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> Even though I did not personally try DOSBOX, I'm aware
> that there are problems with 64 bit machines unable to
> run 16  bit videos.

Did you literally mean videos (graphics? doubt it) or just 16-bit programs?

AMD64 it weird, and I'm no engineer, and I haven't dived into the tech
docs (nor want to). Some say you can still use 16-bit pmode stuff
there, but obviously Win64 doesn't support that at all (no NTVDM nor
Win16 support). Others say it's on a case by case basis for individual
code segments. (shrug)

You can run 16-bit stuff via virtualization, hence latest VT-X (Intel
Nehalem or AMD's paged real mode) allows it to run at fairly fast
speeds, e.g. under VirtualBox.

DOSBox is only a raw emulator (using SDL) with its own fake DOS for
running games, that's all. It's not trying to support everything, but
it does have good support for graphics and sound. It's approx. a fast
486 (on 1 Ghz host machines).

DOSEMU in Linux uses V86 mode (similar to NTVDM) to run DOS stuff at
native speeds. Even DOSEMU x64 exists (but has to emulate the 16-bit
stuff in software; however, 32-bit DJGPP-ish stuff is fast native

I've not use XP Mode, but IIRC it just uses MS VirtualPC, which only
emulates a Pentium 2. IIRC, MS claimed it didn't support graphics or
sound very well, hence wasn't targeted for end users but only for
business, enterprise, etc. I've heard that XP Mode doesn't require
VT-X, but Win8 Hyper-V (64-bit host only) does (and only latest with
extended page tables or whatever).

Not sure about all the various QEMU versions, e.g. KVM or with
(abandoned) KQEMU. I know the latter sped it up a lot, but that was
olden days (circa 0.9.0).

Bernd claims VMware gives good performance. Also, BOCHS is said to be
fairly accurate but slow.

> In any case the "XP Mode" feature in Windows 7 should be
> the best virtualization (at least on the paper !) And if this
> solution fails I' suspect others would not be better.

In other words, I'm not sure that's totally true, but it depends on
what you have available, what you need, your level of patience and
enthusiasm, etc.  I can't say I've totally tried them all either.
Though you can also just always dual boot!   ;-)

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