My suggestion to use DOSBOX was based on my own experience - I run 
DOSBOX on a 64 bit hosts (although the host is not a Windows system).

I don't really understand the thing about x86_64 not being able to run 
pmode stuff, but I am positive about the fact that it works without any 
troubles for me. Both DOSBOX and DOSEMU runs just fine (DOSEMU is way 
faster than DOSBOX, but I don't think there is a DOSEMU port for 
Windows, therefore only DOSBOX is left for this platform).

The DOSBOX wiki says that it works fine under Win7:

(but I can't back this up as I haven't ever used Win7 myself)


On 03/24/2013 10:00 PM, wrote:
> Even though I did not personally try DOSBOX, I'm aware
> that there are problems with 64 bit machines unable to
> run 16  bit videos.
> In any case the "XP Mode" feature in Windows 7 should be
> the best virtualization (at least on the paper !) And if this
> solution fails I' suspect others would not be better.
> Let me clarify the scenario.
> I've got two Lenovo 15" Notebooks (Thinkpad).
> The former is running Windows XP SP3 32 bit,
> the other is Running Widows 7 Pro 64 bit.
> On the former no problem to run my DOS application
> Without any "DOS utility". Also the "glorious"
> Lotus 123 for Windows runs perfectly. All data are
> perfectly tranferred/shared among all applications.
> On the other PC none of the above are running natively.
> If I  activate the XP Mode, the situation is as follows:
> 1) The DOS Application is running, but only in an
> unsizeale small window, totally useless due to the too
> small characters.
> 2) Data can not be stored/printed on any device "shared"
> by the DOS task and the other Windows 7 tasks.
> If I do not find any "workable" walkaround solution to
> work all the stuff on a unique PC I'll be forced to
> keep the XP PC at least for the DOS application and
> use the W7 PC for all the other applications. In that
> case the "file transfer" will not be a problem, but
> this is a very poor comfort !
> Best regards        Giorgio
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>> Data: 24/03/2013 16.25
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>> Ogg: Re: [Freedos-user] Running a DOS task (full screen) in a W7 PC
>> Hi,
>> Have you considered DOSBox? It sounds like exactly what you are looking
>> for (ie. "a DOS window in a Windows environment). DOSBox is primarily
>> targeted for games, but it runs most programs perfectly.
>> The alternative would be running FreeDOS inside some hypervizor (VMWare
>> player, VirtualBox, Qemu...), but the performances, or general usability
>> will probably be much better running DOSBox...
>> Mateusz
>> On 03/24/2013 11:36 AM, wrote:
>>> I'm using a DOS Program since the years '80ties for Personal Accounting.
>>> The name of the Program is PF2 (Personal Finances 2) and it was
>>> downloaded from the internal IBM Tools.
>>> The program worked perfectly startig from DOS 3.0 till Windodows
>>> XP SP3.
>>> No way to get it running under Windows 7, in full screen mode.
>>> That's the reason why I'm considering Free Dos, but I need some hints
>>> on how to insall it on  my Windows 7  Notebook.
>>> My notebook is presently running under W7 Professional with the "XP Mode"
>>> feature.
>>> I need to quicly switch from  the above DOS Program to other utilities
>>> commonly running in W7, therefore any "dual boot" or "dual boot like"
>>> installation is not practical.
>>> The best would be to have a "DOS window" running the DOS task
>>> in full screen mode and be able to switch (and tranfer data) to other
>>> applications commonly running in other W7 windows.
>>> Please let me know if the above is possible with Free DOS and how
>>> to manage the Free DOS installation to obtain it.
>>> If not please suggest me the most practical way (if any !) to manage
>>> a DOS task and a Windows task without rebooting any time.
>>> Thanks for helping and best rgds.    Giorgio

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