Thanks  to your support and despite my previous bad eperience (due to 
unexperience !)with DOSBOX, I' ve been able to run my DOS Application (named 
PF2) with DOSBOX in full screen mode on a W7 Pro 64 bit PC, and to tranfer the 
DOS progam outputs data to the Windows session.Below the sequnce of my 
1) Having installed DOSBOX, to open it, I double click on the start 
icon on the desktop (by the way, I simply installed it with all the "default"
parameters". The icon is generated by the installation exec). 
2) DOSBOX opens in a window and, to swith to full screen, I press Alt-Enter.
3) At the DOSBOX Z> prompt I write "mount C C\DOSPRG where DOSPRG is the main
directory on C: where all the DOS applications are in. Then I write C:.
4) Now the DOSBOX prompt is C> and I key "cd PF2" then "PF2 EURO", where the
first "PF2" is the name of the directory containing the application and the 
"PF2" is the main executable file of the application and "EURO" is the data 
directory on which I want PF2 to oprerate. (PF2 is monotasking but can operate
on many DATA directories once at the time).
5) PF2 main menu opens and I perform my operations. To exit I press PF3 and
return to the DOSBOX PROMPT C:\PF2>, then "exit" to close everything. 
In summary: today I have a astartup icon to launch DOSBOX then some
commands to key to open the dos application,  Now I' working on a PIF icon to 
authomatize the above operations and openPF2 in a click from th W7 Desktop.
 Traferring data frm DOS PF2 to Windows Application is easy, becausePF2 has an 
internal program to FILE  PATH FILENAME FILETIPE
 is= TXT(All PF2 reports are ascii files),  the file ANY.TXT will be filed 
 in C:\DOSBOX in Widows and will be available to any Windows Application.
 The "File" command in PF2 was mainly intended for backup and the
 default path was A:\ (!). But youcan change A: into any letter.
 I hope this clarifies the matter.
 Thank again to all the people (and especialy to Eric !)
 Best regards             Giorgio

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