I wanted to update the BIOS on a Dell PC running Linux. The FreeDos
1.1 CD has no option for running from the CD, so I tried FreeDos 1.0
which has a LiveCD option, but the Dell install program would not run
from it.

Somehow I stumbled on a solution to my problem. If I boot the FreeDos
1.1 CD then chose the option to install to hard disk and wait, the
FreeDos menu that shows the partitions (or lack of them) times out,
and then there is a prompt for the language and then another screen.
If I then press the escape key I am shown a menu where one of the
options is what I was looking for from the beginning, namely, running
FreeDos from the CD.

So my questions are these: is there a less roundabout way to run
FreeDos 1.1 from the CD? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to show that
option on the FreeDos main menu?

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