On 2013-04-21 19:32 (GMT+0200) Aleve Sicofante composed:

> Felix Miata composed:

>> On 2013-04-21 18:19 (GMT+0200) Aleve Sicofante composed:

>> > Felix Miata composed:

>> >> Because the first isn't a bootable OS anyway, I would definitely choose 
>> >> #1,
>> >> the simplest. If the OS that needs access to the first is old and
>> >> unsophisticated, another solution might be needed for it to maintain 
>> >> access
>> >> to it.

>> > OK, but even if I choose #1 I'll need a boot manager, right?

>> Wrong. With only one bootable OS installed, and only one HD in the system,
>> there's no compelling reason to have any boot manager.

> Well, the definitely compelling reason is that the system simply will not
> boot. That's the whole reason I started this thread. It will boot fine if I
> install on the first partition, but not at all if I install in the second
> partition. No other differences involved.

I wrote what I wrote based upon a context-based assumption. You asked in a 
FreeDOS forum, and spoke of a two partition HD, with no mention of any other 
HDs in the target system, and no basis on which to infer any particular 
experience level re partitioning, booting, multiple OS installations, etc.

How was the partition you installed to created? Using what tool? Booted to 
what? If #2 was created as a logical, then either:

1-it needs to be deleted, a primary created in its place to conform to 
customary DOS assumptions, then FreeDOS reinstalled; or

2-a boot manager and/or non-standard MBR code is/are required, one option of 
which is the #2 selection on the screenshot you linked to previously

>> > GRUB will do?

>> If you want one, sure. Syslinux is another option. And AiRBoot. And others.

> I'll try GRUB, since I'm an Ubuntu user and I'm already familiar with it.
> But I'm definitely curious about what would prevent the system from booting
> if only the second partition is used.

Standard PC BIOS code can only boot a primary partition on a first HD.

My personal preference is IBM Boot Manager (which needs a dedicated 
partition), with Grub Legacy next in preference, installed by booting a 
Knoppix that has Grub Legacy (I've not investigated to see if newer Knoppix 
releases have only Grub2 or include both). I would definitely not use Grub2 
on a HD that has no bootable Linux installed.
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