I'm not much on writing documents, word processing, typesetting,
desktop publishing, etc. So I'm kinda out of my league here. But I
have vaguely read up on some tiny bits of it lately, and I've also run
across an interesting package (that still supports DOS, among others)
called WP2LaTeX, which is apparently GPLv2. Latest release is 3.60
from two months ago!


WP2LaTeX is a program designed to translate WordPerfect documents into
LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX 2.0e. The current version is able to cope with
Mac WP 1.x, Mac WP2,3,4.x, and with PC WP 4.x, 5.x and 6.x documents.
(WP 7.x & 8.x have the same binary file format as WP6.)

WP2LaTeX is NOT a text processor and converted documents will require
a LaTeX document processor.

If Jim weren't so busy, I'm sure he'd want me to mirror it, but first
I hope somebody can give some quick review of it (as I don't grok C++,
TeX, nor WP).

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