Just because you select pentium level ode on the compiler doesn't necessary
mean that the source code will use 586 opcode Afaik

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, Louis Santillan wrote:

> I hacked the 2041 kernel batch and make files included on the FD 1.1 iso
> to allow the kernel to be built by OpenWatcom as 8086, 186, 286, 386, 486,
> 586, or 686.  The resulting 686 kernel boots fine in VirtualBox 4.2.12 in
> OSX 10.8.3 on my 2012 Mac Book Air 13" 4GB.  The resulting kernel is a few
> bytes smaller compressed by upx than kernel installed by the FD 1.1 iso.
>  I'm going to continue testing.  No source changes were made.  Not sure how
> the changes affect the nasm built files.
> -L
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