Hi all,

This doesn't have much in common with FreeDOS, however, I know there is 
plenty of retro-passionate people around, so this might be interesting 
to some.

Today I published a remake of the old 1990 Atomix game for DOS (that's 
one of the games I spent entire nights on in my youth). It does not run 
on DOS - only Linux & Windows (and should build on any modern platform 
where SDL is available).

I tried to recreate as closely as possible the 'look and feel' of the 
original. I used all graphics from the original (with the specific 
authorization of Atomix copyright holders for usage in my project). The 
source code of Atomiks is GPL. Graphics and design are not, obviously.

I'm sorry if you feel this is spamming.


Mateusz Viste

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