On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 2:45 AM, Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > I'm excited by GCC 4.8.x coming to DJGPP.  I just have questions I need
> to
> > answer for myself about it's 2.04 beta incompatibilities with 2.03 (like,
> > Whats the right way to install 2.04?, What needs to be recompiled for
> > 2.04?).
> Well, normally you don't want to mix 2.04 and 2.03p2 libs if you don't
> have to. Sometimes it won't work correctly, e.g. you can't install
> DJGPP 2.03p2 and expect 2.04's Ada or C++ to work correctly, the libc
> is using different functions that don't exist elsewhere.
> 2.03p2 is stable (and has GCC 4.7.3, at least) and preferred by some
> but missing some stuff (e.g. snprintf) that you may have to manually
> patch in. Technically, the same is true of 2.04, but IMHO 2.04 is a
> lot better, just never finalized nor tested as well in all
> environments.
> What needs to be recompiled? (BTW, obvious caveat: DJGPP can't compile
> the FreeDOS kernel. Should be obvious, but I'm mentioning it anyways.)
> As is, every official DJGPP program (well, almost) is ported and
> recompiled with both 2.03p2 "stable" and 2.04 "beta". So it's a clean
> separation, for whatever reason, not always technically necessary but
> better safe than sorry. (2.03p2 was tested better back in the day, but
> 2.04 has some niceties, e.g. better symlink support.) Though yeah, for
> good or bad, the Zip Picker only points to 2.03p2.
According to Juan Manuel Guerrero's email earlier today, you can't mix 2.03
compiled libs and 2.04 compiled libs. There's a couple things I think I may
need to recompile because of that.  Not a biggie.

> To install:  depends on what programs you want to run. A bare minimum
> C compiler (DJGPP 2.04, GCC 4.80) would be three files (or four if you
> want GNU Make, recommended):
> http://na.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/djgpp/beta/
> djdev* = libc, libm, libemu, most C99 and POSIX 1992/2001 headers
> (*.h), some misc. tools
> bnu* = (GNU BinUtils) assembler, linker (both needed by backend),
> librarian (*.a manipulation), etc.
> gcc* = compiler driver (gcc), preprocessor (cpp), compiler proper
> (cc1), libgcc.a (optimized built-ins)
> [SNIP]

Thanks.  Between Juan Manuel Guerrero's email and this one, I should be ok.
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