Rugxulo schreef op 8-5-2013 23:16:
> Hi,
> On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 1:45 PM, Pierre LaMontagne <> 
> wrote:
>> You're right though, I have 3 modern PCs with Win 7 on them, none of which
>> have a floppy drive controller.

Something like this still has some legacy controllers/connectors/headers:

> Almost none of them have it pre-installed these days. I bought a Sony
> USB-hosted floppy drive, and it works (in DOS), but I've not used it a
> lot lately.  seems rather nice, bloody 
expensive though.

> Apparently the damn stupid "universal" serial bus (USB) has various
> versions and host controllers or whatnot. UHCI is one of them,
> supported by Intel and VIA motherboards, I gather. Unfortunately, some
> computers (like this Lenovo desktop) don't support it, only other
> stuff (EHCI). Blech.

Yes the OHCI versus UHCI (both USB1.1) battle isn't much fun if all you 
want is a working controller. EHCI (USB2.0) is more universal, just like 
xHCI (USB3.0). Generic drivers are nearly always non-existing though, 
especially floppy and CD drivers.

Let's not even start talking about how bootable FireWire interface is on 
computers, compared to Apple. Glad that Thunderbolt is taking over for 
(bootable) highspeed external devices.


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