From: bblaauw@home.nlRugxulo schreef op 8-5-2013 23:16:
> Something like this still has some legacy controllers/connectors/headers:> > 
>  I bought an ASROCK MB that had a floppy controller on it, but I had to 
> return it as a defectiveunit.  I may be wrong, but I swore off that brand 
> becasuse of that ordeal.

> Yes the OHCI versus UHCI (both USB1.1) battle isn't much fun if all you > 
> want is a working controller. EHCI (USB2.0) is more universal, just like > 
> xHCI (USB3.0). Generic drivers are nearly always non-existing though, > 
> especially floppy and CD drivers.
Thanx, good to know...> > Let's not even start talking about how bootable 
FireWire interface is on > computers, compared to Apple. Glad that Thunderbolt 
is taking over for > (bootable) highspeed external devices.> > Bernd> LOL!  :)
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