> I tried to chown while it was mounted and the response was "operation 
> not permitted".  that is why I did it umounted.  can I incorporate the 
> -o uid=john into the fstab, as I am not performing a separate mount 
> command., or should I not mount it all in fstab, but use "unix mount 
> etc." in my autoexec.bat?

Yes you can do that in fstab: Put the options in the column which
usually says "defaults". For example a floppy drive can have:

/dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 auto rw,user,noauto,exec,nosuid,nodev 0 0

That means autodetect filesystem type (e.g. vfat) and use options
rw,user,noauto,exec,nosuid,nodev so let all users who have access
to the /dev/fd0 device mount it without needing sudo, disable all
device-files or suid-files on floppy (security risk) but allow
executables, do not automatically mount, mount for read and write.

Another example:

/dev/sda9 /mnt/e vfat defaults,utf8,umask=007,gid=1000,noexec 0 1

This assumes that john has user ID 1000, check by running "id" ;-)


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