> Another nice DOS mainboard is the Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 rev 3.1:>  > 
Looked at it, nice!
> PS/2 (just one, fits keyboard or mouse). In short, you can use> this to make 
> a modern PC which still connects to a lot of good> old hardware that you may 
> have from DOS times, if necessary :-)>  
The board I ended up with is a Gigabyte board, but not that one.  I'm happy 
with my board even though it lacks a floppy controller, it does have an IDE 
controller that allowed me to use an older CDR drive.  I needed a board that 
fit these requirements:  under $60, AM3 Socket, accommodate DDR3 RAM that I had 
ordered with the defective & returned ASrock board, accommodate the CPU that I 
had ordered previously, and most importantly, sold by (financial 
reasons).  > PS: You can plug 20 PCIe lanes, 16 for the main (graphics card)> 
PCIe x16 slot, 4 shared between the two x1 slots and the second> PCIe "x16" 
(mechanically x16, electrically max x4) slot, which> is still fine for e.g. a 
fast net/disk controller or SSD card. What do you mean by "lanes"?              
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