Hey guys,
   Anybody savvy about fonts? Specifically bitmap fonts? (Doubt it,
there's so many variations, it's very confusing.)

I've never really checked into all the various FreeDOS software out
there, even stuff in "UTIL". So sometimes I have to accidentally
stumble upon something to know what it is, what it does, etc. For
instance, I recently stumbled upon LOADFONT (aka, GNUchcp, circa
2001). It's a very very very simple program, just calls the BIOS to
load font into memory. It comes with a few fonts (of unknown origin,


It also had an extra pack of fonts which was never uploaded properly
until I recently found it. In fact, I'm now seeing that even his
Ttf2Fnt.zip was corrupted too. But I'm not replacing that as it's a
Windows-only program anyways, even if GPL. Quite honestly, I'm not
sure if it works [I tried one font the other day and it failed], much
less is legal, even if "most" people say "bitmap fonts" can't be
copyrighted. Nowadays people prefer scalable outline fonts like .Ttf
or similar.

Anyways, out of curiosity, I've been (very weakly) looking into other
fonts, e.g.  Terminus. Of course, it comes in .bdf format, which isn't
DOS friendly. The GNU Unifont dude has some Perl scripts to convert
.bdf to his preferred .hex format, and from hexdraw.pl it will convert
to a format that is almost usable by me. In other words, for an 8x16
font, you need 16 bytes, and each bit represents whether a "pixel" (?)
of the font is showing. So long story short, I massaged it to be in
x86 assembly format, which will assemble with NASM or FASM. So now you
can use gnuchcp.exe and terminus.f16 in real DOS. Here's an example of
how its source looks:

; 0034:
db 00000000b
db 00000000b
db 00000010b
db 00000110b
db 00001010b
db 00010010b
db 00100010b
db 01000010b
db 01111110b
db 00000010b
db 00000010b
db 00000010b
db 00000000b
db 00000000b
db 00000000b
db 00000000b


So I uploaded this (terminus.f16, terminus.asm, ofl.txt "open font
license 1.1") to iBiblio for us.


A quick check of my mail archives shows a thread (freedos-devel) from
last August about Terminus between Ivan S. and Laaca (though more
about potential use with Blocek than text mode). So here, good enough
for now. (I am not totally sure what font sizes GNUchcp supports. It
seems to resize my screen to what the BIOS calls 80x21. I have no idea
if 8x14 or 8x8 would also work. Probably, but it's less popular. Ask
me if interested, but it's not hard to do.)

P.S. Halfway out of rage at inane copyright laws and the frustration
they cause (even for dumb things like bitmap fonts), the other day I
did use the old freeware DOS editor 2L8 (aka, Fonte) to create my own
font. For laughs, I named it legalese.f16. I also rewrote the
gnuchcp.pas program into pure assembly (esp. since TP isn't
redistributable). So it went from 3904 bytes to only 134. For now, I'm
not uploading these because I doubt anyone cares (i.e. terminus looks
more professional), but feel free to ask ....

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