>> I got an old laptop with Windows 2000 Professional (NT). I will
>> now change the file system to FAT16, and install FreeDOS.

> Can't you dual boot??  [..] Search Google for "boot.ini" or
> such.

I did, and found the procedure much too complicated. In fact,
the reason why I use FreeDOS in the first place is to avoid
unnecessary complexity. DOS is not simple, but it is certainly
less overwhelming than Windows -- and does not change radically
every 3 years or so.

I do have a computer with Windows XP. I currently use it for one
single task -- scanning film photos -- because the software that
came with the Canon scanner is for Win or Mac only. When I
occasionally need something more modern, I use my Linux computer.

And even Linux is too complicated to my liking. A couple of
months ago I tried to update the Linux system myself. I have
been unable to install even Lubuntu, let alone Ubuntu.
Apparently the automatic installation goes smoothly only if you
have a recent machine and a big memory. The only distribution
that installed without hassle, even in a computer about 12 years
old, was Fedora. That was really nice. But it is not my favorite
distribution, so I asked a computer technician to install Arch
Linux for me, and it is working fine.

Back to the original question. My only reason to keep Windows
files would be in case they are required, under FreeDOS, to
access parts of the hardware such as PCMCIA cards or whatever.
If that is not the case, then I will happily erase Windows.

Summing up, it's either FreeDOS or Linux ... and perhaps Haiku in
the future :-)


Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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