Thanx Mateusz. :) I didn't play the original, but I remember playing
DOS version/clone in the nineties. Ah, nostalgia... :)

> I already tested. It already works there but needs MSVCRT (e.g. from
> ReactOS 0.3.14; not newer 0.3.15, that won't work). You can avoid that
> by building with OpenWatcom (untested but used to work, supposedly):
> Though I have no idea if the other .DLLs need to be rebuilt also
> (libpng, zlib), but probably yes. Also, no idea if Atomiks is using
> any features that OpenWatcom doesn't support (i.e. GNU extensions or
> certain parts of C99, which aren't working even with "-za99").
> I should really try rebuilding it myself, but right now I'm a bit
> tired.   :-/

Yes, OpenWatcom probably doesn't use Microsoft VC runtime library. Same
as MinGW in recent years. There are also other crt implementations
that might be used in VC. For example mini-crt:


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