> Atomiks runs in DOS with HX?

YES ... why don't you test? Got no DOS (evil grin) ?

> > * keyboard is buggy ... it buffers too much
> Does it work better with Atomiks in other OS?

NO. Same BUG with XP and HX ... NOT a HX BUG :-)

(HX bugs are bunched elsewhere: bttr-software.de/forum/board_entry.php?id=7492)

> PNG is supposed to compress things already

but the existing PNG's inside ATOM are poorly compressed and
have junk CHUNK's (even PHYS !!!)

> a smaller palette should not make a big difference

It does. And you could have 1 palette for the complete app,
rather than a separate (same or de-facto same) palette in every PNG file.

> Try GIF?


> WAV sound better at 44 kHz 16 bit than at 22 kHz 8 bit

The WAV's are < 400 ms ... not hours of HiFi music ... you
won't hear the difference (we badly need a double-blind test ...)

> You could use OGG and decompress to RAM... (evil

Not worth for that little amount of sound (you might Deflate
them ... if it helps ... or DELTA-filter before Deflate)

> > * * include some simple Deflate decompress code and drop ZLIB
> How big is zlib?

100 KiB (RTFB)

> How about tunz?

2.5 KiB but 8086 ASM, not C ;-)

> I already tested. It already works there but needs MSVCRT (e.g. from
> ReactOS 0.3.14; not newer 0.3.15, that won't work)

In what function does it crash? Does it crash with every executable?

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