Hi all,

It has been a long time now that I use DOSemu for most (if not all) of 
my FreeDOS-related needs, and I'm quite happy with it.

However, I noticed that DOSemu is scary for many people when it comes to 
networking, because setting it is not that much intuitive for people 
lacking in-depth networking knowledge. It's really a pity, since DOSemu 
provides very good networking emulation via its own embedded packet driver.

I decided to do something to make networking with DOSemy easier. Not 
sure I succeeded, but here is the result of 1 day of my labor: taprouter.

taprouter is a little program that will glue together DOSemu, linux 
bridging, TAP interfaces and SLIRP (the latter is not widely known by 
name, but it's the piece of code that is used by QEMU, Bochs, and 
probably others, to provide 'user net' support from within virtual 

Anyway, taprouter is a layer 2 router/switch thing that will answer to 
ARP requests, intercept IP packets, and relay traffic back and forth to 
SLIRP, who will handle the tcp/udp work.

Basically, the process of getting DOSemu to talk via the network is a 3 
steps procedure:
  - configure basic linux bridging
  - configure wattcp to use a specific IP address
  - launch taprouter

The advantage of the taprouter+slirp duo is that there is no need to run 
anything as root, and no need to play with neither the routing table, 
forwarding engine or (ip)NAT on the host machine.

taprouter, as well as explanations about how to use it, are available 
for download below:


Please keep in mind that this is my very first attempt, and things could 
probably be better done and/or better explained. I will try to improve 
the whole thing with time, if there's any interest from users. ;)


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