On 06/24/2013 02:48 PM, dos386 wrote:
> probably you have > 3 GHz CPU

Nope, I have only a poor (and SLOW!) Intel Core i5 @ 2.50GHz :)
I had an Atom desktop once (D525 IIRC), but I converted it to a media 
center, since I use my work laptop for everything anyway.

>> Keypresses are queued indeed, and I purposely don't 'eat them away'
>> because it allows to play in advance (esp. useful when moving an atom
>> around, so I can press all directions, and wait until the atom reaches
>> its destination).
> I don't understand ... but could you eat away "all but 2" or
> "all but 1 very last keypress" to keep it useful for you and
> fix the BUG on slow CPU ?

I wasn't really clear about the 'queing keypresses in advance' - it's 
simply to have a possible gameplay like in pac man (at least I used to 
play pacman this way) - the little pac man is somewhere on the screen, 
and I want to move it to another point, but I decide about the route 
much faster than the little guy actually travels, so I type all the 
keypresses I need and then wait until pacman finish his journey to the 
point I wanted him to be. The same principle applies to moving atoms in 

Anyway, I think I got something. Read on.

>> My theory is that on your system, it takes more time to draw the
>> moving-box animation than it takes SDL to repeat the keypress.. the only
>> reason I can see why this would happen is because of lack of performance
> That's what I suspected too

I've set up my CPU to 800MHz using cpufreq-tools, and I did notice some 
unpleasant behavior similar to what you described.
Atomiks was redrawing the whole screen at every keypress, and when there 
is plenty of keypresses, this can slow down the animations on slower 
CPUs. I fixed this, so the 'full refresh' happens at a fixed rate, and 
only small parts of the screen are redrawn when moving. This makes the 
box-moving animation go fast even on slow systems, thus shouldn't lead 
anymore to filling the keyboard buffer too much.

Could you please try this version and tell me if it feels ok now on your PC?


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