> Could you please try this version and tell me if it feels ok now on your PC?

YES it's indeed better :-)

> understand that the 'pngzopfli' must be another optimizer
> (with better compression, I guess)

Indeed. I took the 6 biggest PNG's and reduced them from 101 KiB
to 69 KiB : http://users.freebasic-portal.de/dos386/optimized.zip
(I hope I didn't cancel any transparency, 2 of them could be optimized
even more but I couldn't do it due to "strange transparency design" ...)

For next version there are at least 3 issues:

- Keyboard

- PNG's

- Docs about OS support: "My version of Atomix can't be easily
compiled to a native
  DOS binary, but you can use the Win32 binary in DOS with HX DOS Extender"


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