On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 5:45 PM, kurt godel <wb2...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a machine from '04, and to my dismay, the boot order is greyed out
> and cannot be altered. This means I cannot boot from my external dvd drive
> or flash drive. Neither can I swap the external drive(sata) for the cd 
> only(pata)
> in the machine; don't have the bucks right now for a drive. I have gotten 
> around
> this in windowsland by copying the contents of the install dvd into a folder, 
> and
> in the folder, simply executing the setup.exe which is invariably present. A 
> linux
> type installer has isolinux, and I can't see how to start the install from 
> inside the
> filesystem as is possible with windows/dos. I don't even know if this is 
> possible.
> Any ideas on that?
> -Rich.

You'll have to be more specific. I assume you're trying to install
FreeDOS in order to dual boot with Windows XP. If this isn't so,
please tell us exact details of what you want.

As for booting and installing, it sounds like you're basically saying
your BIOS isn't recognizing your drives. (Double check your BIOS boot
order.) You could try installing PLoP Boot Manager
(http://www.plop.at/) "somewhere" (HD, CD, or floppy) and using that
to boot USB. Presumably there are also other tools that would help
boot even from weird hardware (GRUB 2? GRUB4DOS? Gujin? SBM?), but I
don't know the details.

I'm not totally familiar with most automatic installations, not for
FreeDOS, Windows, etc. A quick check with 7-Zip FM (no find option
available? meh) didn't show any "setup.exe" program. Also, FD11SRC.ISO
isn't really a DVD, but anyways .... (Are you sure you burned it
verbatim and not as data?)

Really all you need is some way to boot DOS, then run "fdisk" (if no
FAT drive already exists), reboot, and "sys a: c:" (needs "kernel.sys"
and "command.com") to write the boot sector, as a bare minimum (and
make sure your MBR or boot manager points to it as active, bootable).
If you don't have a working floppy drive and image, you'd have to
convert such image to .ISO for CD and boot that (or similar, e.g. use
MemDisk or other emulation, esp. if PATA won't boot for you). You say
USB doesn't boot, but if it did (e.g. PLoP), you could use RUFUS for a
liveUSB FreeDOS.

AFAIK, no, you can't install DOS from within Windows. It's probably
technically possible but not supported here. (You can mount the .ISO
in pre-existing DOS and manually copy files from there, I think SHCDHD
or such, but I've not tried. Though that's probably not an option for
you here.)

I don't know, this is way complicated on modern machines, esp. for a
noob like me. Perhaps someone else can give more advice if you can be
more specific about what kind of hardware you run. (And presumably
various Linux distros can boot on anything, so surely something there
would work for you, if only to just diagnose your hardware, e.g.
specific CD drive brand and model number.)

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