I found two ocr programs in my DOS software collection. Both shareware.
The first is OCRSHARE (ver 2.2 1990), the other is PRO-CR (1.04 1989).
Both are from Shareware (ftp) archives so they might be still available
somewhere. Don't know how usable those might be. Haven't tested them.

Several months ago, I did a quick DJGPP ports of GNU Ocrad and
GOCR. Didn't thoroughly test them, but quick tests were successfull
(english texts + default USA DOS codepage). If you're brave, you can
play with that. You'll need CWSDPMI to run any of those. The archives
don't contain the source code.




On Thu, 27 Jun 2013 14:28:31 -0400 (EDT)
Karen Lewellen <klewel...@shellworld.net> wrote:

> Asking if any here know of one off hand?  I have a copy of the
> product Xerox created, and have shared this with the person doing the
> asking. However here there are  were others, and may still be among
> those creating here?
> Thanks,
> Karen

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