> I was giving this as one example of why FreeDOS having
> relegated the master environment copy to the top of conventional
> mem /can/ break things

>From my perspective, whether the XBDA, master environment, or anything else is 
>at the top of memory instead of the bottom shouldn't make any difference, as 
>long as there's an MCB to identify and "protect" it.  If your project doesn't 
>like it, it sounds like it may be taking "shortcuts" or making assumptions 
>that aren't necessarily true. 

I know FreeDOS doesn't (or at least didn't) create MCB's like it should when 
using the INSTALL= option in CONFIG.SYS, which has caused me some grief in the 
past.  FreeDOS installs its code to operate the INSTALL= option at the top of 
conventional memory, but doesn't create an MCB to "protect" it.  My workaround 
doesn't specifically check for FreeDOS (since I have a feeling other DOS's 
could have a same/similar problem), but instead check for the presence of an 
MCB that includes the address my program will return to when it exits.  If an 
MCB doesn't exist, I create one (temporarily) to keep FreeDOS from obliterating 
its own memory as I allocate memory for my program to use.  MS-DOS doesn't need 
the workaround.

I don't know if a workaround for your project could do something similar or not.

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