>> you would end up with
>>    3   K COMMAND.COM, (resident part)
>>    100 K FREE         (remainders of freecom before resizing)
>>    1   K   command.com environment (at ~1800:0)

> How lame ! Of course, your Freecom shall have to play a minimum game of
> releasing its own initialisation code and data, resizing and
> possibly moving things along. Basic DOS system coding skills, not rocket 
> science.

> This is/the/ official shell we are talking of, not some half baked
> throwable transient proggy, it deserves having a minimum of /intelligent
> design/ applied :=)

it looks like a real experienced programmer (you) has to show us
confused youngsters how it should be done!

> There are even other enhancements that could be made in the same domain,
> an easy one is to give back the /initial/ environment (if any) received by
> your Command from its caller (or from Sysinit). It is of no use after the
> Master ENV is built. Freeing it would give FreeDOS an edge over MS 
> Command. But the important is the above.
I'm deep impressed. we have a black belt grandmaster on visit. unfortunately too
busy to work, but we are so happy to receive good advice ;)

> You (or was it Eric) repeated
> that FreeCOM had to follow MS-Command,
it was dennis

> but in this respect it doesn't
> even start to try, I am /sorry/ to observe.

>>> How do you say "arrogance" in German, Herr /Doktor/ Ehlert ?
>> Arroganz.

> Itself ! I may sound harsh, but being accused of ignorance by 
> more ignorant is the only word of excuse I will utter.
this 'more' makes me think that you should prove your competence first

> Let's forget /name calling/ ? If you agree, I'm your man


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