On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Bertho Grandpied <y31415926...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Should OTOH you (and the FreeDOS project at large) wish to offer the
> free XBDA mover as a supplement/alternative to FreeDOS's internal, I'll
> contact you for arranging the mirroring. It's a simple, robust and
> tiny DOS device driver coded in ASM, a few hundred bytes altogether.

A nice readme.txt telling how to use it would be most helpful.  :-)
But yes, of course, anything free/libre (four freedoms) can be

>> 4DOS is ambiguously licensed. I don't really recommend it
> I /love/ 4DOS - been using it for 20 years - used to be NDOS.
> For internal use, it must be OK, right ?

I don't know, I'm no lawyer. I don't even want to think about it. It's
out of my hands anyways. (And now I remember that Bernd put it in FD
1.1 anyways, maybe as default!)

> The question wrt to licensing was rather whether 4DOS.COM could be legally 
> envisaged to become FreeCOM as FreeDOS official, or "alternate
> official?" shell.

It's not as easy as it sounds to be compatible between shells with
.BAT scripts. Personally, I stick to plain .BAT (usually FreeCOM) and
third-party tools (or external scripting languages) rather than rely
on 4DOS.

Though there's nothing technically horrible about 4DOS, but it's not
really worth using exclusively, IMO. (Though, again, it's not my
decision what FreeDOS proper does.) I do have it as an optional shell
in my CONFIG.SYS menu, but I rarely use it.

> Rebuilding is one thing, patching and debugging properly is another.
> This task takes a motivated, seasoned C programmer, who preferably were
> familiar already with FreeCOM. All I can do is try to argue it, knowing
> well it's a possibility that no one will be convinced and undertake it.

Bart Oldeman is the dude to contact. He was the last one officially
working on it (circa late 2011). You may have to email him directly,
but again, he may be too busy these days (educated guess).


"freecom  2011-07-29  bartoldeman  [r1696] Merged fcompl1 and
fcompl2.c to filecomp.c"

> On the other hand, if FreeCOM hasn't been revised since 2001, maybe it's
> not to early for 'someone' to give the old code a look and some fresh
> thought.

Not sure where you got 2001 from. It's hard to tell from (very) quick
glance, but it seems 2003 (0.82) and 2006 (0.84). I know, not much
better, but still ...!  :-)

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