On Mon, 8 Jul 2013 16:29:14 +0200
 Tom Ehlert <t...@drivesnapshot.de>

>> I may sound harsh, but being accused of ignorance by
>> more ignorant is the only word of excuse I will utter.
> this 'more' makes me think that you should prove your competence
I agree. The above quoted phrase was a late minute, unfortunate 
addition to my mail, that was meant jokingly - but now on reading it 
again I can see it does not reflect my true purpose, which has been to 
put an end to respective sarcasm and ire. Sincerely ! That "more" was meant to 
be "no less", as in, ok, we're all ignorants, let's live with the fact and do 
our best to learn from one another. Oh, well...

I retire the phrase and beg your pardon. Then again :
>> Let's forget /name calling/ ? If you agree, I'm your man

Concerning the subject - locating the main env immediately above
the small 3 K ? block of FreeCom's PSP,  I honestly cannot discern
whether you are seriously in want of explanations or only asking
in jest. It is not complicated, at least from an ASM programmer's
perspective where you can organise your modules at will.

Or were you questioning the feasibility from the perspective of 
or a complex modular 'C' language program ? 
Then the detailed how is beyond my limited competence,
 I /suppose/ it might be harder, possibly requiring compiler-dependent
variations and /some/ amount of 'glue' coded in ASM. 

Coding details are not to derail this mail list, you'll agree.
We might dig down slightly deeper in private email, or on the 
developers' list if it's of interest to the community.

>>  not rocket science.
But as they say, the devil is in the details ..

> it looks like a real experienced programmer (you) has to show us
 > confused youngsters how it should be done!

> I'm deep impressed. we have a black belt grandmaster on
> visit. unfortunately too
> busy to work, but we are so happy to receive good advice ;)
 I can take sarcasm still :=) 

 > There are even other enhancements that could be made in
 the same domain,
 > an easy one is to give back the /initial/ environment

Retiring this as already done by FreeCOM (yeah!) 

I have no idea why MS-Command doesn't , 4DOS neither.
In particular, when one of those other Command's is  the primary
shell in MS-DOS 6+, the intial env block inherited from config.sys,
is retained which causes incompatibilities with some older DOS

Bye !


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