Hi again,
  Just a few more minor comments.

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 4:51 PM, Rowery na Księżycu
<rowerynaksiez...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I made a CPI editor. Maybe it could be useful.
> It allows to edit the shape of the characters, remove or create fonts,
> remove or create codepages,.. It has a gui and can be controlled with the
> keyboard or mouse (if there is a mouse installed). It doesn't support *.cpx
> files yet
> download:
> http://baltixy.w.interia.pl/in05.zip
> http://baltixy.w.interia.pl/in05.htm

I don't know what tools others used previously (e.g. Henrique, the
resident expert). In my recent dabblings in fonts, I didn't mess with
.CPI files, only the raw bitmap font itself (in my case, 8x16 only,
aka CO80 80x25, aka 4096 bytes).

One particular tool that comes to mind re: CPI is BACHL's CPIFNT
(cpf01.zip, vaguely related to PG):


The raw font format isn't very complicated, but a nice user editor
indeed makes things easier than editing raw bits (but see my
translation of Terminus into .ASM source, it's far from impossible to
manually edit).


I used Fonte (aka, 2L8) to create my own font, which is old freeware
(but no sources).


You could also use and adapt FFE from Freemacs MULE (as by default it
only edits upper 128 extended chars; Turbo Pascal).


(So, just for completeness, that's all I know.)

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