On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 11:07 AM,  <mcelha...@usnetizen.com> wrote:
> It really didn't take any "guru-type" savvy to get it working, but it
> can make it more tedious to make farther changes to the start-up
> configuration files.  Providing you have enough memory, the program
> doesn't seem to have any trouble juggling up to 4 DOS real-mode
> programs (programs that will run in ~512KB ram).  It's sort of like
> running command-line Linux with 4 virtual terminals open.

I used DV back in the day.  I knew a BBS sysop who ran successfully
four instances of Wildcat BBS software on a single 286 machine under
DV.  It allowed him to support multiple nodes without resorting to a
local network.  (He did need four modems and incoming phone lines.)
The trick was getting the time slicing right.

I still know someone who uses DV/X for most things, and boots into
Windows when he's doing something that can only be done under Windows.
 When he does boot into Windows, it's Win98SE, with an open source
package that adds enough of the Win32 extensions that he can run some
programs built for NT/2K/XP.

I ran the old MKS Toolkit under DOS, which provided DOS versions of
all the Unix commands that made sense in the single-user, single
tasking environment.  I got it because it had a nearly complete
version of the Unix Korn shell, with everything save asynchronous
background processes.  When installed in highest compatibility mode,
the Toolkit replaced COMMAND.COM with INIT.EXE as your boot shell.
Boot the system, and INIT ran, and printed Login: on your screen.
Enter a userid and optional password, and INIT called LOGIN.EXE  LOGIN
looked at a *nix compatible /etc/passwd file, and it it found a match
for the ID, changed to whatever was listed as that IDs directory and
ran what was specified as that ID's shell.

I loaded things common to all in CONFIG.SYS, like my RAMdisk, cache,
and mouse driver.  I had user IDs that ran vanilla COMMAND.COM, 4DOS,
the MKS Korn Shell, and DV.

Switching environment was a matter of exiting the shell I was in, and
putting in another ID at the Login: prompt.  I could do it without

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