Mateusz Viste schreef op 22-7-2013 21:37:

> edit // I examined settings of the virtual machine, and noticed that I
> had set the 'CPU capping' to 30%. I moved the setting to 100%, and then
> the miracle happened - both UDVD2 and FDAPM stopped freezing! I rebooted
> many times to be sure, and it all worked every time.
> Emulation... Bleh :)

That's good, maybe Ulrich could add this info to the wiki.
For VMware, I know using JEMMEX masks a reboot-issue in kernel (or 
FreeCOM) when trying to do a keyboard-reboot-sequence (ctrl-alt-del , 
but in vmware it's ctrl-alt-insert so host OS doesn't catch the combo)

(getting the same issue on FDAPM COLDBOOT. WARMBOOT works, HOTBOOT 
hangs. No JEMMEX HOTBOOT driver present/loaded)

Invalid opcode at FFF0 F000 0002 015C 0F9D 118A 00D9 0008 0070 118A 00D9 
FF53 F000

Cannot terminate permanent FreeCOM instance
System halted ... reboot or power off now

Also went over the CD, seeing the following obvious things:

upx v3.09         
himemx v3.34      
uide 30-april-2013
mtcp: 2013-04-26

DEVEL: contains UPX again

Watcom: most recent?

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