On 8/25/13, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:
> Hi Rugxulo, Zaphod ;-)
> Personally, I would not want to access USB while flashing: In
> that sense, using a virtual boot floppy in RAM feels safer, so
> my preference would also be GRUB. Note that you can make that
> virtual floppy 2.88 MB instead of 1.44 MB, how much space will
> you need to put your BIOS update on it?
> Eric

Hi Eric,
2.88 MB would be enough spacewise probably. However, one must create
the virtual floppy for each BIOS by writing the BIOS file/folder into
the FDOEM.144 file so that it is accessible from inside the ram-based
floppy. This is the part I don't like so much as it must be done for
each BIOS separately.
Instead, if the virtual-floppy was able to access at least one device
externally (folder, address, etc) then it would be as simple as
copying the BIS files to that location. The folder/address in question
does not have to be user-variable, a hard-coded, fixed location would
be fine as well.

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