Hi Toby,

FDNPKG doesn't support proxy. The mystery is over :)
Can I ask what you are using FreeDOS for? Just curious.

I will add proxy support to FDNPKG for you by the end of this week. Will 
let you know (and the list) when it's done.


On 10/07/2013 04:47 PM, Richards, Toby wrote:
> Hi all:
> I’m working in an environment where port 80 is closed on the firewall in
> order to enforce the use of a proxy server. I cannot figure out how to
> get fdupdate or fdnpkg to use a proxy. Things I’ve tried:
> C:\> set HTTP_PROXY =
> Adding “http.proxy =” to WATTCP.CFG
> Editing the “repository” variable in FDUPDATE.CFG to read:
> <>
> Nothing works. Please help.
> Respectfully Submitted,
> R. Toby Richards
> Network Administrator
> Superior Court of California
> In and for the County of San Luis Obispo
> (805) 781-4150

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