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> If I were to find a use for FreeDOS, it would be to eventually get a 
> Hyperterminal-like program running in OpenGEM. Laptops with serial ports are 
> rare these days, and the ones we have are so old that even XUbuntu runs slow.

Don't run Xubuntu.  I went through that with an ancient notebook.
Xubuntu would install and technically run, but was snail slow.

Posters on the Ubuntu forums suggested the Ubuntu had a steadily
advancing idea of what "low end" was, and that too much Gnome had
crept into Xubuntu.  They suggested what I did: get the minimal CD,
install to get a working CLI environment, then pick and choose other
things via apt-get.  Lxde run on an ext4 file system is usable.

And you may not want the latest Ubuntu release.  I had to wipe and
start over from scratch after attempting to upgrade to 13.04.  It
turns out the kernel in that release requires PAE support that my old
machine doesn't have.  But the upgrade didn't check for that till the
last step of installing the kernel.  The kernel install failed, the
video system was hosed on reboot, and re-doing from scratch was the
only real solution.

> -Toby

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