That's true - IIRC, there are a few packages in BASE that lack sources 
(these are the few packages that I dumped long ago from the FreeDOS 1.0 CD).
I will look into this matter when I will have a moment. Unfortunately it 
won't be soon, but I'll try to straighten this issue by the end of the year.

About installation of several packages: I guess you are investigating 
some "installer" options here :) but for such need, I think that the 
possible ability of FDNPKG to install several packages would be useless 
anyway, because of the limitation of the command line length (you would 
not be able to call fdnpkg with the list of all packages as an 
argument). So for such need, a full-blown script (like the one you did) 
will probably be inevitable anyway...


On 10/12/2013 09:42 PM, Bernd Blaauw wrote:
> Mateusz Viste schreef op 12-10-2013 21:28:
>> This could be an interesting feature. It doesn't make as much sense as
>> in a linux distro, because there is no dependencies between FreeDOS
>> packages, but it could be nice anyway to be able to install a few
>> packages in one command (especially when they are related.. for example
>> djgpp-make, djgpp-gcc and djgpp-doc..).
>> I will definitely think about it.
> I used that posted batchfile as INSTALL.BAT, went to the BASE directory
> of your ISO, and simply did a INSTALL *.* so all of the BASE directory
> gets installed from CD/ISO to systemdisk/ramdisk.
> I think Tom mentioned the ISO wasn't entirely license-compliant yet for
> all listed software due to missing sources for several packages. That's
> what usually stops me from offering/redistributing what I create.
> Bernd

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